If you think B&E stands for Brilliance & Excellence or Beautiful & Effervescent, or any other description then while we do possess these qualities, they are not what the letters B&E represent.


B&E DeZign started as a hobby project, a way to sharpen existing and develop new skills, to put into practice what was known in theory.
It started with two friends having an idea for a website and expanded from that and while it started out as two people – hence the B&E, currently it is a one man venture.

Why us?

As a business, we aim to provide our customers with a perfectly tailored, professional looking and future-proof solution.
We can guarantee this by bringing to the table over 10 years of PHP experience and over 15 years of development expertise in the field.
Thanks to our finalized projects and those currently and/or constantly under development we have accumulated experience with the most recent technologies available.

While we specialize in back-end code, there are a couple of sites available for public viewing:


A professional and more detailed history on the man behind B&E DeZign can be found on LinkedIn.